Holylands Community Garden


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Yesterday we planted some courgettes that I grew from seed. Check these out.

The garden is looking brilliant and healthier than its ever been.


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Harvest time

Yesterday we dug, we pruned, we weeded, we dug some more, we cooked, and we ate.

The potatoes went from being dug up one hour, then on our fork the next hour. They tasted AMAZING! So buttery and fleshy, you didn’t need meat whatsoever.

We enter that exciting time of year when everything is fruiting, ready to pick, pluck and feast on.



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Here are 7! Little chilli plants I planted from seed in May. I hope they will get a little bigger before winter, and then be ok for next summer.

I’ve never grown chillies, so he goes. I fact, I’ve never grown any vegetables or fruit…I’m totally new to this business.

But I love it!